emily & russell: e-session

ohmygosh. this couple. i am in love with them and their style! Their Chicago vibes and roots were represented in their e-session since we shot downtown at the Lincoln Park Boardwalk. We got lucky to have such a beautiful day in the city in the middle of March. Oh and when I saw their clothes, I got a little bit giddy! I'm so excited to be photographing their October wedding day!

emily & cowan: e-session

Emily got my name through another photographer in Chicago. We got to talking and turns out, we had a mutual friend from college and had actually been at party together and never knew it! Such a small world. Emily and Cowan are such a sweet and fun couple. I love that they already have the same last name (what an easy transition for post-wedding!) You can definitely tell that they have been together for awhile because at their session, it was like I wasn't even there! Their love just took over and I can't wait to witness their vows this October!

jaclyn & jeff: e-session

It's all in the family with this couple! I met Jaclyn and Jeff through their sister, Kari, whose wedding I am photographing this June! I was so excited to have two couples from one family in one year! Jaclyn and Jeff walked up to their e-session like a couple walking out of a Gap catalog. They were so fun to pose because it literally came so natural to them! I'm so happy to be photographing their wedding this September!

meghan & johnathon: e-session

Boy am I glad I met this couple! Meghan and I met up at a local Starbucks and chit-chatted like we were friends for years! I quickly found out that she was looking for a wedding photographer (hey I know one!) and I was in need of a hair stylist (hey, Meghan is one!). Instantly, we clicked! Fast forward past a wedding booking and a few hair appointments later and it was time for her and John's e-session! She asked me if it was okay for them to bring their fur baby and I was all about that! I am in love with the way their photos turned out and I am so ecstatic to be photographing their wedding this September!

laura & tom: e-session

I was so excited to get to photograph Laura and Tom's e-session as they were my first official couple of 2016 to book me! They wanted to throw in some downtown shots of St. Charles in their gallery so we headed to the river bridge to get some awesome water shots before going to Mt. St. Mary's park for some beautiful golden hour shots! Their wedding day is this July!

amanda & jovag: e-session

Oh this couple! I just love them! I met Amanda through my fiance, who has been friends with her since the high school days. As soon as I met with them, I knew they are a good time. They have a young son, so of course we incorporated him into their e-session! I am so happy to have met them and cannot wait to photograph their big day this July!

cassie & clay: e-session

Cassie and Clay's engagement session was beyond gorgeous this past fall! They chose to host their e-session in the same location as their wedding venue, Pottwatomie Park, in St. Charles. I am loving their ultra chill vibe and they shine together! I can't wait to photograph their special day this July!

2015: Beloved Moments

If I had to assign a single word to the year 2015 it would, hands down, be "whirlwind."
I strolled into the year with a numerical goal in my head for the number of brides I wanted to attain and then; I blew right past it. I never would have thought that 2015 would become my reality within my small business. If you've ever been on a weight loss journey, you know what I'm talking about. You don't see any change in yourself. You think you look the same. Then you look back at those old photos and you realize; holy cow! I have grown. I have changed. Immensely. It doesn't hit you how far you've come until you look back at where you started. And you never forget why you started. So here I sit. I'm getting ready to tackle the 2016 wedding season and I can't help but look back at how far I have come as a wedding photographer. This post is to highlight my favorite moments of my beloved 2015 brides. Because without them, I wouldn't be strolling into an even greater 2016 having again surpassed my own numerical goal. So on that note; thank you to all of my past brides and cheers to my future gals!

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