alexis & steve: e-session

There's a rather funny story to my first session of 2017. Alexis and Steve reached out to me after booking their wedding for a winter engagement session. Snow was wanted and uber romance with a winter wonderland was ordered. So boom. January in Chicago. You're pretty much guaranteed to have 1: cold weather and 2: snow on the ground. Well. Here it was January 21. The sun was shining, The temps were 59 degrees and not a snowflake was to be seen left on the ground. Only Chicago my friends, only Chicago.

Turns out: OH MY GOSH was it amazing! Alexis' gorgeous white sweater dress with Steve's navy blazer popped off the winter golden landscape. This is one of my favorite engagement sessions and we really did just get super lucky with the weather. It's kind of unheard of and I'm pretty certain if I hadn't told you these were taken in January, I could've convinced you it was November or even maybe March. Either way, I'm so happy with how this session went and I CANNOT wait for their August wedding. Congratulations you two and enjoy the blog sneak!


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