dr. and mrs. angerame

Where do I begin with this day? I have so many things I want to say, so bear with me while I make sure I cover it alllll!
I met Tom and Anna through Anna's cousin, Meghan. Meghan was one of my 2016 brides. As soon as I met this couple, we quickly realized we had friends in common, places in common and hit it off great! Throughout the planning process, Anna was just as organized as I am. It was amazing! I knew before I had even gotten to the hotel that day, that I was about to step into what would be one of my favorite weddings to date. 
Ok fast forward to the wedding day. I could tell Anna reads my blog. She filled my head with stunning stories about the details of her day as I photographed them. The veil; her mother handmade. (I KNOW!) The wedding bands; those are made from the original metals from her parent's bands. Let's not forget the fact that Anna's engagement ring utilizes the original stone from Tom's grandmother's ring (Her name was also Anna, and for the real zinger, both Anna (my bride) and Anna (Tom's relative) have a sister named Katie. If that's not destiny, tell me what is! I always love when I am working in the bridal suite and all the girls are just full of smiles and content. It's like everyone is just so happy to be happy. This room was so calm and inviting, I felt like I was one of them. 
We (the girls) bussed over to Loyola's campus where Tom and Anna made it official in the university's chapel. From there, Anna and Tom had picked out spots on the campus that were important to them for formals. PAUSE. These spots.....are some of my favorite spots in the city now! You see why when you scroll down (Italian vibes anyone?!) When it came time for the lake shots, I nonchalantly posed the question if they were brave enough to get on some spider web filled boulders for "the shot". They quickly obliged and I'M SO. FREAKING. GLAD! Because......look! If I didn't tell you this was Chicago, would you even guess that in three tries??? Everything about their day was picture perfect, even their reception where Anna's dad donned a Blackhawks suit for their first dance. 
I'm so so honored to have been apart of this day. I know you two are honeymooning in Tuscany right now (jealous) but please enjoy your sneak peek :)


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