mr. and mrs. deutscher

I really really hope I'm not jinxing myself when I say this; but I've been so lucky this year to not have ONE wedding with rain. Not one! But, and this is a big but, my weddings this year have had record high temps! Liz and Mike's was one of those. 

While you can't tell in the photos, Mike was wiping his face all throughout formals, bridesmaids were hiding in the AC of cars during photos and the groomsmen were grinning and bearing it. Luckily, their day was 90% indoors with the exception of photos. Whoo! Yay for indoor ceremonies in the heat of August. 

I'm such a fan of the romantic tones Liz and Mike chose. The deep teals with the pops of burgundy and red are just perfection! I have to say though, my absolute favorite element of this wedding was the confetti party that was held right after the I Do's! All of their guests surrounded them and I cue'd the confetti for an epic photo series! Something I will never forget! 

These two are just so genuinely in love and capturing their connection was so much fun. I'm so happy for them and I hope they are currently enjoying Niagara Falls!


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