lindsay & phil: couples session + pupper

As you know, if you frequent the blog, I love to become friends with my couples. This means, even after your wedding, we still talk. YUP! We become FB friends, I get invited to your Halloween parties and if I'm lucky, I get to photograph you again! That's exactly what happened with Lindsay and Phil! They were married last July 2017 (if you remember that epic yacht wedding on Lake Michigan; that was them!) Anywhooooo. They got themselves a dog named FN (Finn like from Star Wars) and if you follow me at all, you know I squeal around dogs and love! So when they reached out to me for a "family" session (which by the way I don't photograph families, only couples) I obliged. I do very well with fur children. Human children, not so much. 

FN didn't really warm up to the camera, but he warmed up to ME so we we're all good. It was like as soon as the camera came out, he gave the cutest little pout you've ever seen! But that's ok because it made for some great laughs and moments captured. We had a ball soaking up the fall colors and observing FN, the city boy, experience the forest preserve! 

So to all of my former couples, call me with your dawgs. I want to see you again!


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