yellow: a cloud nine reunion

Please tell your lovers and friends, that the champs had to do it againnnnn.

Team Cloud Nine is BACK baby! If you follow this blog or my Instagram at all, I'm sure you've seen it plastered everywhere; the white winter shoot that this vendor team did called Cloud Nine that won the first EVER Lakeshore in Love Styled Shoot Contest! This team of professionals have grown to become my friends and we all agreed that we had to do it again. (We had to do it again, baby! Channeling Usher, Lil' John and Luda for this blog. Don't ask me why.) 

I plan my IG feed weeks in advance, and I noticed I was lacking yellow and warmth. So I literally sent a text to the team and was like, wanna do a yellow shoot? That was it. This team is so good, that I just said "yellow" and we came up with this. Everyone KILLED it and the summer romance vibes CAME. TO. LIFE. 

Once again, I'm floored by the talents I've been lucky enough to surround myself with professionally. Please look at these vendors because they are stunning. 

•Photography and Concept: @photographybylauryn
•Hair and Makeup:
•Design and Curated Decor:@rustiqueswan
•Floral: @ayselcristianfloralatelier
•Cake and Donuts: @spencertrygvecakes 
Paper and Backdrop: @paperloveclub
•Champagne Wall: @thebubblytruck
•Bride's Attire:@vollesbridal
•Groom's Attire:
•Models: @nicolette_reifenstuhl &
•Venue: @themontebelloestate


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