mr. & mrs. carroccio

Michigan now has my heart!
Oh this wedding! It has all of my favorite things:
-The beach
-Blue bridesmaid dresses
-An insanely in love couple
-A gorgeous venue in the woods
-A BUFFET! (Photog's favorite word on a wedding day!)

Ok i'll stop there! I just am so in love with this day and the lovely couple that put it all together! Ashley and Dan sure know how to create a day with the people who mean the most to them. This wedding was a bit more intimate than ones I usually do. AND I LOVED IT! There's something so special about having the most VIP people at your celebration. 

We had the first look at the beach at Benton Harbor and wow was it beautiful. You can't even tell that the beach was littered with hundreds of rainbow umbrellas right?! I'm so glad Ashley made sure we visited the lake because they are some of my favorite shots from their day. But I don't know if they beat out the amazing golden hour we had. We explored around the venue and photographed in the most beautiful nature spots. These two were in their element and it shows! 

I'm so so happy I was apart of this day! Congratulations you two!


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