jori & matt: hawaiian engagement session

Let's lay a few things out for a second, shall we? We all know my love of dogs. Check. You may or may not know my love of travel, and more specifically, the beach. Check. AND. Of course you know my love of photographing engagements. SOOOOOO. You already know that this session was a dream come true for me!

I've really been trying to take my business in a direction that plays into my willingness to travel for work. Just call me WILLING AND ABLE! You will see this year that I'm making a conscious effort to get to new places with my camera.

So how did we end up in Hawaii, you ask? I'll tell you! Jordan and Matt are both from Chicago and are getting married this summer on a yacht on Lake Michigan. Moment of silence for this epic plan.

Thank you. Ok, so. These two actually live on Oahu, so when I already had a trip planned to Maui with Tim I saw the opportunity to give Jori and Matt an engagement session on the island, while still doing their Chicago wedding. I mean, isn't that the definition of serendipity!?

They brought along their Schnauzer, Oscar (love you!) who was so excited to model. He actually is a professional and was published in a Japanese magazine! TRUE STORY! Basically, everything about this session was a favorite of mine.

I'd also like to just mention that we wrapped the session at sunset on Waikiki. Yes. That is Waikiki. Yes. There were hundreds, I MEAN HUNDREDS, of spectators watching the sunset. I truly wish I had a video of me standing amongst tourists while shooting these two. It looks like they were all alone!

I am SO excited to photograph these two in September and I thank them for allowing me to add Hawaii to my portfolio!


  1. Brilliant photos, I'm inspired right now to do some sessions as well!
    I prefer Instagram though, some spam can be irritating there, but helps me a lot.

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