ben & emily: e-session

It's finally SPRING! Flowers are blooming, trees are no longer brown and the smell of rain is in the air! As gorgeous as this time of year is, it can create some problems for session scheduling. This session had it all in terms of prep! Emily and I went back and forth probably 10 times on "should we?" "shouldn't we?" It was so hard to make the call on this day; the forecast was something like 80% chance of STORMING. Not drizzles, but storms. Poor Emily had taken the day off of work, had a hair appointment and makeup done. We decided we're going for it and if it rains, well then we turn it into a rain session! I'm SO glad we went for it! It didn't rain until literally our last set and as I drove off, boom; downpour. It always happens that way. If I call the session and say "hm let's try another day" it ends up being beautiful and I kick myself. So needless to say, we risked it and thank god we did because um, these pictures........I should add that this location, Hampshire Forest Preserve; yea it's where they had their second date! How CUTE!

Emily and Ben are getting married this November at one of my FAVORITE venues, The Haight. After seeing them own their e-session,  I know their wedding day is going to be amazing! Congratulations you two!

bob & tim

Never have I teared up more than I did this day. Bob and Tim have been together for years and had a small, intimate ceremony in their lake house on Easter weekend. It was the most loving environment surrounded by their family. Everything about this evening was just beautiful; the vows, the setting, the involvement of their children in the ceremony and the food (yes, I said that, it was bomb). I loved having the opportunity to photograph their evening for them and LOVE the images we were able to capture! We spent a good chunk of time photographing the family and making memories that not a single person there won't forget. Congratulations Bob & Tim!

rachel & jerry: e-session

GAH! This session. All the heart eyes!

Rachel and Jerry met in marching band all the way back in the school years (see: last photo in series). They are so stinking cute and adorable and I didn't really even have to do much with them to get them to get all the love eyes in these shots. You can tell how natural and comfortable they are with each other in front of the camera and made my job super easy! Their wedding is in December back in their home state of Iowa, but they currently reside in Chicago. It was only fitting that we capture their love in their current city for this session. I am loving Olive Park these days as you can get lake views, skyline and greenery all in one location! We had gorgeous weather on this Easter weekend and as you can see, the pictures shine! I'm so excited to share this engagement shoot as it's quickly becoming one of my favorites! They rocked it and I can't wait for their winter wedding!

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