rose & derrick: anniversary session

Where do I begin with this stunner of a session? Rose contacted me through Instagram about wanting to do an anniversary session with her Marine husband. But the cool part? It was to be done in complete dress; his dress blues and her wedding gown! You can guess my reaction; I was DOWN for this! Rose was never 100% satisfied with her wedding formals, so this was a fun way for them to dress up and get some gorgeous formals that she always wanted. Derrick is retired military, so this would be the last time the dress blues would come out. And Rose's dress? That is her mother's gown from the 70's! Can you believe that!? It is stunning and even her insane veil is drop dead gorgeous! The contrast of her tattoos too. Drool. We had so much fun running around Chicago in the early hours before the city fully woke up! Just see for yourself.  Doesn't this make you want an anniversary session in your dress again? Because, I know what I want to do one year now....(don't tell Tim!)


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