mr. and mrs. fischer

You ready? This wedding was a dream folks! What makes it even better though (beyond the perfectly coordinated details and gorgeous couple) is the fact that this couple was the sweetest, most inviting duo ever! Steve and Alexis treated me like we were BFF's from 2008. I mean, really; I feel like I've known them for years, so to be able to tell their love story is an honor. Their wedding was a vibe that never gets old; classic, timeless and effortlessly gorgeous. I started my day with the girls at the party central for the day,  the Westin Lombard where we had access to a gorgeous terrace (you'll see in photos how clean and elegant it was!) Tim headed to the guys down the street and captured them casually playing pool. I'll never get sick of the dynamic difference between the guys getting ready and the girls. Us girls, we're so hyper about making sure our hair is perf, our lipstick isn't smudged and all that jazz. Guys? Give em a pool stick and tell him what time to be at the ceremony. Love it. Their daughter was in attendance and I was able to grab some shots of Alexis and Lia before her momma and her daddy were married! The two made it official in the ballroom of Harry Caray's before we headed to do their formals.  I LOVE how clean and timeless their formals are! The white walls with their black and white ensemble was perfect! We headed to cocktail hour and went right into the party with some amazing speeches (and reactions from the couple) and some beautiful first dances. I really wish I could relive their day because every time I turned around, it was ready for photos in the most gorgeous state. Congratulations you two; you deserve all the happiness!


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