mr. & mrs. helwig

There's no other way I would've wanted to wrap up my 2017 wedding season but with Rachel & Jerry. This wedding guys; straight out of a magazine! Rachel and Jerry are high school sweethearts; been together for FOUR.TEEN. years! So it's safe to say, Rachel has been waiting for this day for a long time. Every detail was thought of and not one was missed. We got so incredibly lucky that in December, it was 55 degrees and we had the most epic golden hour! Everything from the incredible florals, the gold and silver accents and the stunning ( I MEAN STUNNING!!) beaded gown; everything was perfection. I'm so happy that my year ended with this couple and this day and this wedding. It was such a feel good day all around and we had so much fun being in the presence of these families. I know you two are in Aruba, but please enjoy this sneak peek into your Best. Day. Ever!


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