cristina & kevin

Gah! Before I dive too far into the story of this session, let me give you background. Do you remember Maria and Fernando's e-session from last fall? Yea me too. Ok so this is Cristina and Kevin. Cristina and Maria are sisters and I get to photograph BOTH of their weddings this year! WHOO! I love when I get to work with families more than once. It's happened quite a few times now in my career and I absolutely love it! Now...onto these two :)
Cristina and Kevin are getting married this December, so it only made sense that they wanted a winter wonderland engagement session. But they had an adorable idea; they love to ice skate together at a local pond in Kevin's neighborhood so we laced up their skates and headed out! Only catch was; it was basically a blizzard this day and the pond was being shoveled off as we were shooting. We didn't get to do a ton of skating, but they still had plenty of time to cozy up and get some super cute engagement shots! I can't wait for this wedding!


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