the results are in!

I'm so excited to have another year under my belt in the annual Shoot and Share contest! Last year, I had four photos place in the top 30% and one photo be a finalist. Let me tell you what all this means:

There are 12 rounds in this contest. Each round, photos are eliminated that don't receive enough votes to advance to the next level. Photos are voted on by both photographers and their family and friends that they share it with. Each photographer is allowed a maximum of 50 photo entries. You are granted the top 10, 20 or 30% if your photo lands within that percentage within each category. For example, there are 25 categories total, such as "newborn", "just the groom", "guests and reception" etc. So the percentage placements you see are for that specific category, not necessary all entries as a whole. If your photo makes it to round 12, the final round of voting, you are deemed a finalist. From there, photos are then awarded top 100, and then broken down even further for the top 20 per category! There are ton of variable as you can see and it can be a bit confusing if your brand new to the rules. The below graphic is visual to what I just attempted to explain. This year, I believe they had something like 80 million votes submitted!

This all being said, my results for 2018 entries have been announced! I entered the maximum of 50 images. I separated these into 5 categories. Just the Groom, Bride and Groom, Guests and Reception, Just the Bride, and Emotion and Excitement.  Below shows you where I placed!

If you're still following me, you've made it to see which photos placed where! 


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