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2018 Wedding Season is HERE!! I could not have asked for a more amazing couple to start my FIFTH season! 
Nicole and Odell live in Washington D.C so we had only Facetimed together up until 2 weeks pre-wedding! We decided to have a little lunch date when they were in town for their final walkthrough and I knew for sure that this couple was going to throw an amazing party! For starters, let me say that I am obsessing over the shade of green that all the girls wore (including Nicole a la her shoes!) It was such a perfect spring pallet and it carried through into the reception details with gorgeous greenery touches throughout. I have to mention a funny moment that happened during getting ready. You would think for as many weddings as I've photographed, that I would immediately know what the tools look like for pulling together the buttons on a wedding gown. Nope. Instead I asked Nicole why she was carrying knitting needles with her on her wedding day. *FACE. PALM* It's ok because we all laughed about it. We started the day with their first look over at the Adler Planetarium in the EXACT spot that Odell proposed! From there, we headed over to the Lincoln Park Conservatory for formals and family images. We kind of stole the show over there, but thanks to the public for allowing us to take over, haha! 

The ceremony and reception were both held at the Chicago History Museum and *omg* it's stunning you guys! Clean white lines, architectural touches and so much natural light! Let's not forget about that stunning stairway outside the entrance! There were so many amazing moments throughout this day, but my favorite had to be the first dances with their family. Nicole danced with her two older brothers to a song that just made me lose it all together when thinking about my dad. She is the sweetest and we shared a hug right afterwards because we just knew exactly what each other were feeling in that exact moment.  This is just another testament to why I always tell potential couples to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hire a photographer that you connect with on more than a "client-vendor" level. I am friends with my brides and in that moment, I knew that Nicole felt comfortable enough around me to just reach out and share a hug. So thank you Nicole for that memory because it truly touched me! 

I could not have asked for a more amazing couple to photograph and their wedding was nothing short of beautiful. The vows (cried then too because holy goals), the dancing and the speeches truly sang to the kind of people Nicole and Odell are and I could not be more honored to have photographed their wedding for them. I hope you two are ready for Italy! 


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