mr. & mrs. freeman

Jaclyn and I went to high school together, but we didn't really know any thing about each other! 

So when she reached out to me inquiring for her wedding, I immediately recognized her name and face. We instantly clicked and from their engagement session last fall, I just knew that they were going to be throwing one amazing party!

The day started at Jaclyn's childhood home, surrounded by all of her girls and her two dogs. Tim was with the fellas at a hotel before they headed to the church to work out some pre-ceremony nerves on the basketball court. Jaclyn and Darren decided to a blind first look at the church reading letters they had written to one another. 

After the ceremony, we headed to Leroy Oaks for all of the formals, which is one of my favorite locations for photos. We found a gorgeous set of yellow trees that were still hanging onto fall. 

The reception was held at the Eaglebrook Country Club in Geneva. I loved her entire fall color scheme and how it was included everywhere you look, but done so tastefully. 

This wedding reception was my first one getting to photograph the Horah and (omg) it was so much fun to witness! Tim and I had a blast at this wedding and these two had literally the most perfect day without a single hitch. Congratulations to Darren & Jaclyn!

Enjoy Hawaii and your sneak peek :)


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