mr. and mrs. srejma

It was a dark day outside, but these two just light up when they are together!
Emily and Nick are seriously the cutest couple! I always strive for authenticity in my photography, but with these two, they did the work for me. I mean, just looking at their formals you can see how truly happy they are to be married. This day was super dark and dreary in the city, but the laughs and love masked that entirely!

Their ceremony and reception were held at Artifact Events in Ravenswood. If you like antiquing, this is your place! It is filled with pieces, large and small, from all over the world and they are unlike things you have ever seen before! We explored throughout the floors finding neat little corners to photograph in. 

When it came time for the ceremony, Emily and Nick wanted a very romantic vibe, so the only lights were candles and a few ambient lights from the rooms around them. UBER romantic! 

I'm so thrilled I was able to capture this day for them. Enjoy your sneak peek!



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