mr. & mrs. claus (yes, that's their real name)

When your name is Mr. and Mrs. Claus, of course you plan your wedding for Christmas weekend!
I don't even know where to begin with this wedding! Cristina and Kevin knew of me through their sister, Maria, who I also photographed earlier this year. I love when families keep with me because I really get to know everyone and it becomes so much more connected to photograph. Anywho, this was now my fourth time being with these two (one of those was an impromptu run-in at a Bulls game) and the comfort level amongst all made this one easy job for me. My brain is going 100 mph right now making sure I don't forget anything, so when this happens, I go straight to bullet points to ensure I don't forget anything. Below are my favorite moments from Mr. and Mrs. Claus' big day:

  1. The fact that these two are the Claus' and married Christmas Weekend
  2. Their entrance to their reception with Santa Hats
  3. The epic cake smash that was done to the Groom
  4. The amazing tradition of knocking over the Bride or Groom (Groom lost and was tossed into the air!)
  5. The SURPRISE for all their guests of a dance floor robot getting the party started (Sparklers and all)
  6. The most epic bridal party bus EVER!
  7. A stop at their favorite Irish bar for a round of shots
  8. The gorgeous golden hour that we shockingly had on December 22 (unheard of!)

I'm sad that this is the last wedding I have with this family, but now I'm just waiting on the next one to come get married! Enjoy your sneak peek Mr. and Mrs. Claus!


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