mr. & mrs. norgaard

Tell me you're bringing your dog to your wedding formals and I will forever be obsessed with your wedding.
Sam & Shannon are high school sweethearts and you can totally tell! Their family and friends are one giant family because they have been behind these two for almost 10 years! This wedding was seriously one huge celebration of love and union that many people have to yell "FINALLY!" for!

I have to talk about their pup because if I don't, who am I? Shannon wanted to surprise Sam with their beagle Alby at their formal photos. We did these images at Meson Sabika, a restaurant in Naperville that Sam's grandfather used to own (if you haven't eaten there, you need to)! As cold as it was, and it was damn cold, these two and their entire bridal party were such troopers in the weather and stuck it out for some golden hour photos! 

I truly am so happy for these two. They are the sweetest souls you will ever meet and I'm so happy I was able to capture the day they have long awaited! Enjoy your sneak peek!


  1. You've captured the vibe of a beautiful, joy-filled day!

  2. Easily, the most captivating wedding photos I've ever seen. Real moments from the happiness and love shared by two of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure to know throughout their romantic history.

  3. Thank you so much! It is so easy to capture a love like theirs! Makes my job easy :)

  4. reat and excellent photography. Your color combinations is really awesome.


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