top 10 wedding venues: chicago and suburbia

I always try to be helpful to my couples, so what is more helpful than a polished list of venues to checkout for your wedding? 

Being that we are just getting out of engagement season, TONS of couples are venue hunting this very minute. Because we are in such a large area, there are loads and loads of options in the city and surrounding areas. You will notice categories put onto these venues. You will wonder what it all means. Let me break it down for you.

I have seen a lot of wedding venues over the years. Most are beautiful, some are grand, others are urban chic. It all depends on the vibe and style that flows with you two as a couple and where you can really see yourself. I've peeled through the galleries of all of my weddings to list the top 10 venues I love from a photography perspective! 

Such deciding factors that went into this decision are as follows:
-Available Natural Light
-Proximity to photo locations
-How the venue treats their vendors
-How well the night flows for my couples
-Picturesque grounds

Obviously, my criteria isn't the end all be all for a venue decision, but it is IMPORTANT to consider your photography when deciding on a venue. I'll stop blabbing now so you can see my thoughts. Unless you've already skipped down ;)  Please note that this list is in no particular order. 


1. Chicago History Museum 
-Classic Black and White Aesthetic
-Across the street from Lincoln Park and North Ave Beach
-Parking Lot for Guests

2. City View Loft
-Urban Loft
-Surrounded by windows with views of skyline
-Parking for Guests

3. A New Leaf
-Ceremony and Reception Spaces
-Garden Vibes outdoor with loft vibes inside
-Lincoln Park Neighborhood

4. The Drake
-Timeless, Ornate Aesthitc
-Right off of Michigan Ave
-Hotel for guests

5. University Club
-In the heart of Millenium Park
-Rooftop Access for Photos
-Castle-like vibes


1. The Haley Mansion, Joliet
-All in one: ceremony and reception space
-Reception space filled with windows and white floors/walls
-Plenty of indoor photo ops within mansion
-Parking Lot for Guests

2. Illinois State Beach Resort, Zion
-For the beach lover who doesn't want to go too far
-Hotel for Guests
-Both forest and beach photo opportunities

3. Chevy Chase Country Club, Wheeling
-Recently remodeled banquet spaces
-Filled with windows in reception space
-Outdoor reception space

4. Danada House, Naperville 
-Quaint, charming aesthetic
-Beautiful bridal suite for getting ready
-Large grounds with variety in looks for formals

5. Warehouse 109, Plainfield
-For the couple who wants something a little different
-Property includes airstream trailer, old cars, & motorcycles
-Brand new ceremony space on site
-Parking for guests


  1. wow! amazing photography! I like your photography blog. You did wonderful job!


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