mr. and mrs. docauer

Rain couldn't dampen this day if it tried!
Samantha and Joey are so in love, they belong in a fairytale. They sure got one on Friday when they were married at Ruffled Feathers! These two met through another couple: his brother who was dating her best friend. You can tell they are just so in love with each other!

Both Samantha and Joey were so nervous to see each other. They opted for an aisle first look and Joey gave such a great reaction to seeing his bride, that other people in the room couldn't help but tear up also. Once they were officially wed, after some vow snafus (had to be there!), we took some gorgeous golden hour photos!

When reception opened, they kicked off the party with their first dance and OMG was it memorable. Joey literally swept Samantha off of her feet, several times, and it was the most perfect way to start the epic party that these two put on!

Congratulations you two! I'm so honored that I was able to capture all the beauty for you! Enjoy!!!


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