mr. and mrs. laurenti

My sixth wedding season kicked off with the best couple ever!

Allie and Adam are the sweetest together! From the get go, I instantly clicked with these two and I am rooting for them for life.

Their day started in River North in two separate hotels to ensure no peeking! As always, I was with the girls and Tim was with the guys. Allie came up to me during the getting ready portion of the day and let me know that her bridesmaids thought we had previously known each other. We were acting like we we're BFF's for years! I just love her. 

We all headed to the church, St. Vincent Depaul in Lakeview and guys. These massive churches that look like they hopped on the boat and came across the pond; they are my favorite! There is just something so magical about a wedding in these ornate churches. Adam's reaction to seeing Allie is one every photographer hopes they can capture. It was truly beautiful! 

After church, we were able to miss the rain and hit all the locations in the city that the couple wanted. Luckily, we didn't have to share the spaces with many other wedding parties! Their epic venue was River Roast, which is near all the hotspot photo locations in the city so it was PERFECT for getting some amazing city shots. 

River Roast, I must thank, because their vendor meal was the best vendor meal EVA! The whole group had a blast at this wedding and Tim and I are so honored that we were able to capture it for them. Allie and Adam: we wish you nothing but the best for your marriage and life together!


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