Inside a Wedding Photographer's Brain (as told in Bridesmaids gifs) What we want you to know

These are the tips you likely won't see in our prep guide. Not because we don't want you to know them, but because I have to be blunt in order for you to know them. 

1. Your dress will likely get dirty for outside formals: If you are planning on taking photos outside, be prepared for it to show a little bit on the bottom of your dress. Obviously, if the earth is super dry that day and you're not in a field, it will not be drastic. But I'm here to tell you; it is almost impossible for your dress to stay that clean on your wedding day. If you want photos in a forest, don't be afraid of it. It will be worth it and dry cleaners exist for a reason. 

2. Family photos is the most stressful part of the day: Always. Not because your family sucks. But because this is the only part of the day where we are leaning on other people to follow directions. If you have a big family, just be prepared for some stress. I always try and make this process as smooth as possible for my clients through prep, but sometimes you simply can't avoid it. Get it together, Uncle Bob! 

3. Some part of the day will run late: If your wedding is running late, it's on time. Seriously. This is why it is super important to include your photographer in on timeline building. In fact, I design my client's photo timelines right out of the gate. I PLAN for things to run late, so that way, we're actually still on time. 

4. It's ok to take a breather, in fact, I encourage it: most people don't realize how fast the day goes. You blink and it's all over. I try to make sure that my couples take AT LEAST a 5 minute breather alone and together so that they can really soak in the day outside of the hustle and bustle. Thank me later. 

5. The stress of planning will fade: I've been there. I've planned a wedding and gotten married so I know first hand what those last two weeks feel like. Hell. Those last two hours the night before. But trust me when I say, when you wake up on your wedding day, that stress fades to excitement and you can truly enjoy the day. Your vendors are there to make your day amazing. Enjoy it. 

6. The weather will do what it wants and we will make it work: I stressed about the weather for my wedding for WEEKS leading up. My wedding was outdoors 100% so I was freakin. But guess what? If there is one thing you cannot control at your wedding it is the weather. Especially in Chicago. So make sure you realize this and know that no matter what it does, you're still getting freaking married! I've photographed in all types of weather and it never stops us from having an amazing day. So don't fret! 

7. Your bustle might take longer than you thought: Oh that dress shop showed you and your MOH one time and sent you home with a Youtube video? Cool. When it comes time to bustle you though, all that goes out the window. But guess who knows how to bustle? This girl. One wedding (I'm looking at you Carolanne, you know) I couldn't find the bride for most of cocktail hour. I knew she was supposed to be getting bustled but wondered why she was gone the entire time. I go up to the suite to find her bridesmaids and mother completely lost with the bustle. I hunkered down and got that girl bustled. They had spent 45 minutes trying to get this dress figured out and she missed almost her entire cocktail hour. Trust me when I say, I can be more than a photographer ladies!

8. You won't get to eat much: It's true. If you do attend your cocktail hour, you spend it mingling with guests and a cocktail in your hand. Once you get to dinner, you have people coming up to you to get a little congrats in or you realize you finally have time to pee (which takes a good 15 minutes with your dress). The opportunity to eat is small, so seize it if you can! This is why I make sure all of my brides have had at least a nibble while getting ready. 

9. Your album will take months after your delivery: not because I'm slow, but because it takes awhile to fully digest your entire gallery. Most often, my summer brides create their albums over the winter months. They've had time to fully look at the photos and decide what they want to represent the day in album form. Don't worry; this is totally normal. So many of my brides apologize for taking a while, but I don't mind! I'd rather do it in off season anyway!

10. That pimple won't be a problem: Have a stress zit from planning? A cold sore? It's O.K! Easily edited out my friends. 

Now go rock your wedding day like you own it. Because according to your bank account, you do.


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