laura & anthony: e-session

Spring has finally freaking sprung!
These two! Laura and Anthony were my first couple to book for 2020 back in 2018! Their wedding is in spring, so it was only fitting that we do a spring engagement session. Luckily, we finally got some buds and leaves growing around here. Only took until May!

The week leading up to this session was basically a monsoon, so we lucked out with gorgeous temps and sunshine! I shoot at Leroy Oaks all the time, but this day, I found a hidden gem of a wildflower area and I HAD to shoot there. So much so that the first thing I said to Laura and Anthony was not "HI GUYS!" rather, "OMG THERE A FIELD OF WILDFLOWERS, LET'S GO. AND HI!"

I get so excited for my couples when I see their photos in my head at the shoot. I probably look crazy to them, but I'm so thankful that my clients trust my vision. This spring shoot is freaking pretty and I'm so stoked to start my 2020 season with these two!


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