volles bridal: a styled shoot

That one time I got to photograph Fernanda from 90 Day Fiance...

Everyone has asked me how this all happened. So I'll tell you the story. If you remember back to the "On Cloud Nine" shoot, I worked with Volles Bridal and their dresses. At that shoot, Amanda, the marketing director of Volles, had informed me that they needed a photographer to photograph an editoral for Chicago Style Magazines.  She asked me if I would be willing and of course I said yes! 

Fast forward to shoot day. We are at The Dalcy. One of Chicago's newest venues, it is stunning with black and white touches, marble walls and bricks. I walk into the bridal suite where hair and makeup are happening. I see Fernanda sitting there and my first thought it "I've photographed this girl before. She looks so familiar." I ask her her name and that's when I knew who she was. I immediately tried not to fan girl. I'm a huge 90 Day Fiance fan and have watched every season. I had no idea walking into the shoot that she was our model. 

If you saw Fernanda on the show, you might remember that they got married in Chicago. Volles Bridal is the bridal shop that Fernanda was filming at when she went dress shopping. So there is your connection. This shoot was so freaking gorgeous I can't get over it! Everything came together perfectly and this team is planning another shoot together. Can't wait! Enjoy the photos and check out the two page spread in Chicago Style Weddings and Modern Luxury Weddings! 

P.S: I feel like I should mention that the photos of her sitting with the marble walls...those are taken in the BATHROOM. Yes. 



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