yana & christian: e-session

I REALLY wanted to a shoot with a couple that was willing to get in the water. They got in the water.

Sometimes, I like to throw a model call out to the world to feed my creativity. It's a shoot that I have full control over; location, timing, outfits, posing. It let's me shoot for fun. Don't get me wrong! All of my shoots are a blast! But shooting for myself feeds me.

Yana and Christian responded to my model call and BOY AM I GLAD THEY DID! These two are pros! It doesn't hurt that they both look like they walked off of a magazine cover. They were a freaking joy to work with and we had THEE most perfect weather and evening in the city!

Despite a few bumps in the road from the Air and Water Show, we were able to make magic happen! Can everyone get in the water now!?


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