alana & danny: e-session

Meet Moose. And his Mom and Dad too!

I was so excited when Alana and I started chatting on IG. I photographed one of her friend's weddings and she had been following me ever since! So when her time finally came, she reached out right away about getting a session STAT! I'm so bummed because I was already booked for their wedding date, but we still got to do these engagement photos with their baby Moose!

We did this session on the Air and Water Show weekend, so we had to be very strategic with our location options! If you don't know, many of the local photo spots (parks) get shut down during high tourism events in the city. BUT THANK GOD because LOOK at how amazing the Shedd Aquarium photographs! The marble everywhere just oozes class. 

We also got lucky because the lake is high right now, so we were able to dip our toes into the water where it usually is a platform to walk on. Makes for great, romantic shots ;)


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