quintessential summertime chicago north ave beach engagement session

Oh, how I love summertime in Chicago. 

a big and beautiful greek wedding at itasca country club

When I tell you that Janel and George were glowing the entire day; I'm not lying in the slightest.

classic north avenue beach engagement session

You can never go wrong with North Ave Beach during summertime Chi!

wedding photos re-do at olive park and wrigley building

When covid steals your wedding day from you, you take back your opportunity to take wedding portraits!

stunning summer wedding with dog at galleria marchetti

The floral dresses, the involvement of their dog and the epic weather; Julie and Brian had the most perfect day!

bright summer wedding at the bridge in lemont

Gray bridesmaid dresses are shooting to the top of my must-have list!

black and white summer kick-off wedding at montebello estate

It had all the classics; a black and white aesthetic mixed with a luxury estate and a whole lotta love!

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