mr. and mrs. kowal

Polish weddings are now my favorite!

I have been waiting for Mike and Brook's wedding day since their gorgeous engagement session. At that shoot, I could tell the chemistry between them was something that was insanely fun to capture as a photographer. And it doesn't hurt that they are model-worthy!

Mike's Polish traditions were fused into the wedding and while I am 25% polish, I was DAMN proud to own that 25% of me this night! The traditions and celebrations that accompany this heritage are based from love and every bit of it was awesome to witness! 

We started with a tear-worthy first look where Mike's jaw literally fell and he greeted her with a bouquet of roses (OMG SO SWEET!) From there, their parents did a Polish blessing over them before they headed to the church to make it official! 

These two met at University of St. Francis, which happens to be 2 min around the corner from the church. So it was only fitting that their formals be taken on the very grounds that their relationship started! 

I enjoyed this wedding so so much and I love these two and their relationship! Congratulations to Brook and Mike!


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