mr. and mrs. sera

The sweetest intimate wedding, EVER!

Angelica and I are former co-interns from back in 2012. We met working at Energy BBDO in the city and always remained FB friends. Flash forward to when it was her turn to tie the knot to her prince charming, Eric, she reached out to me!

It was so great to catch up with her since the years have gone and Eric totally swept her off of her feet. These two hosted an intimate wedding in the Indiana suburbs of Chicago for their closest family and friends. The clouds stayed with us all day, but they certainly did not bother these two!

Angelica and Eric are the two sweetest people you will ever meet and it's obvious that they were made for each other. Their day was exactly them! 

I had the best time being a small part of this wedding! Enjoy your sneak peek :)


  1. I ❤️ the pics. This is beautiful Mr. & Mrs. Angel and Eric Sera


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