soft pink and rose gold summer touches at venutis banquets

Emily & Rocco's wedding day was a vision of perfection!

hazy summer skyline engagement session at north ave beach

Listen, even blanketed in haze, the Chicago skyline is unbeatable! 

rainy summer wedding at stonebridge country club

Third times the charm! In this case, the THIRD date! 

downtown dallas, texas engagement session

I've known Katie since she was 13, so photographing her engagement session is a treat!

stunning summer wedding with gender reveal at the brix on the fox

I'm not sure what was anticipated more; the wedding or the gender reveal! 

sage + blush tented wedding at cantigny park

Ilyssa is another carbon copy of me, so naturally, I could not WAIT for this wedding!

white and pink tented wedding at conway farms

I will never tire of a classic black and white wedding. 

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