mr. & mrs. minuche + apollo: anniversary session

Adding a sweet Pittie to the dogs of PBL! 

michelle & jake: e-session

When a bridal shop consultant has her engagement session....

tina & jordan: e-session

It's just quintessential fall!

red: a styled shoot

If red means passion, then it is!

nicky & jimmy: e-session

Wind won't stop us!

rachel & jerry + gg: anniversary session


mr. & mrs. cummins

This wedding made me high!

brittany & kyle: anniversary session

Wowza, fall sessions are always epic!

jason & jessie + harper: couples session

I love meeting my couple's new fur babes!

rachel & diana: e-session

To say I'm obsessed with these two would be an understatement!

nate & annie: one year anniversary

Time flies when you're in love!

nikki & kevin: e-session

High school sweethearts are always so sweet to photograph!

kremena & cj: e-session

Boats and beach and water...oh my!

mr. & mrs. lovato

There's something so magical about lake-house weddings.

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