michelle & jake: e-session

When a bridal shop consultant has her engagement session....
Michelle and Jake are getting married next August at another one of my favorite venues, The Brix!

Michelle is another one of my soul Swiftie sisters! She is just as obsessed with Taylor as I am. We bonded over this and she even brought her autographed CD with her to the session just so I could see it! 

Jake and Michelle are such a sweet couple and have such a soft love about them. They are so gentle together. I love how easily they are able to just melt into each other and be as if they are the only two people around. 

Michelle works at Gilded Rose Atelier, a bridal boutique in the burbs, so she gets to see a lot of dresses. She had bought one months ago and since then, has seen so many that she loves more. So, why not use that dress for engagement photos?! WE DID IT! I've never had a bride wear a bridal gown to her engagement session, but I'm digging it!

It was freezing cold for this session, so it was done fairly quickly. I felt so bad for how cold she was in the dress, but to give some perspective, a few hours later, it snowed. TROOPERS!!

Congratulations you two! I cannot wait for your wedding next summer!


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