mr. & mrs. minuche + apollo: anniversary session

Adding a sweet Pittie to the dogs of PBL! 
Jacqueline and Chris are one of 2019 couples! This was their third time in front of my camera and we always have so much fun when we're shooting! This time, they brought along their fur child, Apollo, to join them for their one year anniversary session!

I've met Apollo before, but our first meeting wasn't ideal. He dumped a big ole pile of doo doo right next to me because I made him so nervous. WHOOPS! I'm sorry Apollo! This time was so much better!

His mom was fully prepared with outfit changes for him to match them. They were such a well coordinated family. I always love seeing my couples again and getting them in front of my lens after their wedding is always a bonus for me! This day was such a dark and gloomy fall day, but we still got to take advantage of the stunning fall colors! 

Happy One Year Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Minuche!


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