stan mansion: a style session

I stumbled across the opportunity to photograph a styled session at Stan Mansion, a very popular, extravagant Chicago wedding venue. 

geodes & gemstones: a styled session

I am SO EXCITED to share this styled session with you. 

ashley & micah: e-session

I met Ashley a few short months ago right after her engagement. As we were chatting about her wedding plans, I quickly learned that she was having a short engagement; and I was SO impressed with how she knew exactly what she wanted and yet was so easy going. She is the most bubbly, happy person I&#…

mr. and mrs. cappetta

I was SO ecstatic to be shooting a wedding downtown and then when I learned that not only would it be downtown, it would be in an art gallery I was giddy! These images are so contrasting to what I usually shoot so it was so fun to try something new! Everything about this wedding was just so novel a…

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