tina & jordan: e-session

It's just quintessential fall!
Tina & Jordan are SO MUCH FUN! Add in their pup, Kona, and you've got a little family that anyone would be lucky to know!

I actually grew up in the same neighborhood as Tina and we went to the same schools, but she was a year behind me, so we never really found ourselves in the same group of friends. But fast forward to now, when we are all adults, Tina had my name in mind after I photographed another one of our classmates from high school, Jaclyn! 

Jordan and Tina are getting married next December at Fisherman's Inn in Elburn (a fave venue of mine) and we were able to take advantage of the fall colors on their property for this engagement session! The colors were PERFECTION and Tina and Jordan dressed for the season. 

We had so much fun exploring around and finding amazing spots with gorgeous backdrops! Kona even got into a couple shots, but was more interested in my fetch abilities with him. Yes, I can shoot and play fetch with your dog at the time. I've got these two to vouch for me on that claim!

I'm so excited to photograph their wedding next year and I'm so happy to have them apart of the PBL family! 

Congratulations Jordan & Tina!


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