nate & annie: one year anniversary

Time flies when you're in love!
One year ago, on this very rooftop of the Ace Hotel, Nate and Annie exchanged first looks on their wedding day! For their one year anniversary, Annie decided to surprise Nate with a stay back at the hotel and a photo session to celebrate their first year together. 

Nate was so surprised! After he got over the initial shock of seeing me there (which he immediately knew why I was there!) we went down memory lane together. I reminded them of some of my favorite moments from their special day and even had them recreate their first dance. They actually remembered a good chunk of it! 

After that, we re-did some of the same poses from that very day. It was so fun to see these two again, but also to be apart of something so special in their lives together. I'm going to throw in some of the photos from their wedding date so you can reference the re-makes! SO FUN! 

Happy Anniversary you two and Cheers to many more!


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