nikki & kevin: e-session

High school sweethearts are always so sweet to photograph!
Nikki & Kevin have been together since high school! I love photographing high school sweethearts so much. There is something so comfortable about it. They just seem to fit so perfectly together because they, essentially, grew up together!

These two really wanted more of a nature/garden vibe for their engagement session; makes sense because they are getting married at a GORGEOUS estate in the burbs, The Montebello Estate. It is one of my favorite venues! 

Nikki & Kevin were naturals in front of the camera together. They just fell into each other's arms so softly and made my job a breeze! I love them! Also, I did ask them if they meant to be Chicago Bear's colors for photos. They did not, in case you were wondering. But they might be posted on Sundays in the fall....just saying, LOL!

Congratulations you two! I'm so excited to spend next year with you!


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