jason & jessie + harper: couples session

I love meeting my couple's new fur babes!
This is the third time that Jessie and Jason have stepped in front of my camera! I've had the honor of following their story for over a year now. I was there to capture Jason getting down on one knee and proposing, then we did their engagement session last fall at their Alma Mater, Indiana University! Now, they've added one more to their family, Harper! 

She is a 6 month old English Creme Golden Retriever and she is every ounce of precious. I was so excited to meet her, but she was a little nervous to welcome me at first. She hid behind mom and dad for the first few minutes, but you know me. I've never met a dog that I didn't get along with, so after a few minutes of warming up, I got a kiss from her and it was easy breezy from there on out!

Because we did an engagement session last fall, and these two aren't married yet (thanks covid!), we decided to focus on Harper for this shoot and I wasn't mad about it at all! She stole the show and we had so much fun trying to pose her. Towards the end, she let us know she was totally done. 

I love getting to see my clients more than just wedding day, so photographing this little family was such a joy for me! Welcome to the family Harper!


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