rachel & jerry + gg: anniversary session

I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN! Rachel & Jerry are a December 2017 couple of mine who just added to the fam bam! 

GG is 11 weeks old and as precious as any golden retriever puppy could be! We met up at Lincoln Park to take some puppy photos and I just couldn't even handle her. She was so calm and chill! She still has her puppy little hairs on her ears! Puppy breath, puppy teeth and that puppy belly! UGH! I just loved on her as much as I could. If there is one thing I don't mind being attacked by, it's puppy kisses!

When Rachel & Jerry walked up, they told me, focus on GG, we're good with photos of just us! YES! Focus on puppies? OK! We had so much fun seeing each other after three years and catching up!

Welcome to the family GG!


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