miranda & jorge

When an unhappy bride (not my bride!) contacts you for some wedding re-dos...you get this!

Miranda contacted me via IG asking about re-doing her wedding photos. When we got into conversation, it was pretty black and white. She was just really unhappy with the photos she had done of her July wedding. So; we re-did them!

She invited her immediate family to come out to the session to redo those formals as well! It was nice to have the creative freedom to give her a ton of different shots while also having her full trust! We didn't have any time restrictions like we would on a wedding day, so we really got to focus on the two of them! She requested a more urban vibe, so I found a little nook in downtown STC that kiiiiiind of looks straight out of Europe and we rocked some shots there before heading to a parking garage roof. Yes. The last photos are all taken on a parking garage!

These two are the sweetest together and so many kudos to Jorge for doing this for his wife so she could have some photos she really loved! 

Enjoy you two!!


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