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Give me all the backyard weddings!

The story of this wedding and I how I got brought into it is a little funny. Three weeks before this wedding day, I had no idea who Jess or Alexander were. I'd never met them, never spoken to them and only by the rule of "six degrees of separation" did they come into my little world.

Remember Brooke and Mike? My couple from the end of August who had the adorable dachshund? Jess & Alexander were guests at that wedding. They saw me working all day and when I posted the blog post for Brooke and Mike, I got a DM from Jess. She was set to get married in two weeks (at this point a week had passed!) She fell in love with the photos I had posted and wanted to know if I was available. Turns out, her date was the ONE Saturday I had left open until end of November. 

As fate would have it, I had the honor of photographing the backyard wedding of these two. The home belongs to Alexander's grandparents and it has the most gorgeous details around the property. Jess had let me know that her main priority with photography was her formals. We spent a lot of time focusing on the two of them with photos. MY KINDA COUPLE! We had the most gorgeous golden hour right after their ceremony and I love the glow of those images!

My favorite things from this wedding include:
  • Her dress!
  • Mosby, the house dog
  • The cake that her mother made for them (including the NEON center)
  • The suspenders that they guys wore (all neon bc Alexander loves Neon)
  • The personal vows (tears were shed across the entire ceremony)
  • The homemade florals (Jess made her own bouquet!)
  • The Geneva tradition of going to Graham's Chocolate for a wedding photo

It was the most beautiful day featuring tacos, margaritas, and a whole lot of love! These two are currently in Bali on their honeymoon, but I know Jess is trying her hardest to find WIFI for viewing!



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