mr. and mrs. thompson

Have I told you how great the Chicago wedding community is?

The Chicago wedding community really is great. When you get down to it, it really is full of great people who encourage you, help you and want the best for you; despite being your competition.

I met Ashley at IndieWed this past February and connected on social with her. From there, we got to chatting about venues and I had briefly mentioned that I had a list of dream venues I'd love to shoot at around the Chicagoland area. One of those was the Ivy Room. Ashley excitedly told me she had a wedding booked there this summer and asked if I wanted to second shoot it with her so I can have the venue in my portfolio. Of course I jumped on the opportunity.

Even more, Ashley has graciously allowed me to use these images not only for social media and portfolio, but she has allowed me to blog them to really be able to showcase the wedding at this dream venue of mine! So, big big thanks to Ashley Hamm Photography for allowing me to second shoot this amazing wedding with her and allowing me to share the images with all of you!


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