audra & steve: e-session

I have no words for this one.

Since this is a blog and all, I'll try and find some words. Audra and Steve booked me for their June 2020 wedding back in the spring. I had the chance to meet her at my Bride's Brunch this summer and we chatted and got to know each other a little before this session!

This date was our second scheduling because we got rained out the first session. Turns out, we scheduled this session for marathon day (whoops) but guess what!? We started at Wrigley Building where there weren't a whole ton of people like normal since people were just starting to trickle back in. 

We had to find a place to have them change into outfit number two and Steve suggested just walking back to their place since we were close. YOU GUYS. WHAT A FREAKING AMAZING SUGGESTION! That rooftop they are on; that's their own rooftop at their apartment! WHAT?! Can I just borrow that rooftop for every wedding bc #goals. 

I feel like they could be on the cover of Michigan Ave with these power couple shots. Seriously, it's like they own the city! 

I'm obsessed with this session if you can't tell and I CANNOT wait for their June wedding next year at River Roast!


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