klaudia & mike: e-session

When your bride tells you their corgi is in the wedding, you book the damn wedding!

Klaudia found me through her co-worker Anna whose wedding I photographed back in 2017! These two have the most popular date of 2020 my friends; welcome to my 10/10/20 couple! 

During our initial phone chat, Klaudia let me know that their corgi, Finn, was their baby and would be attending the wedding. You know I did a large happy dance, right? Yes. I did. Of course I did.

Flash forward to this past weekend when it was finally time for Mike and Klaudia's engagement session. Finn attended and stole the show! But guess what? These two have added to the family. Ollie is their second corgi but he's such a smol little fluff baby (11 weeks) that they didn't want him at the session just yet. But no worries. He will be at the wedding with his bro, Finn!

We had so much fun exploring a new part of Leroy Oaks and of course we had the most beautiful fall day! 

I cannot wait for their wedding in just under a year and to meet Ollie too!


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