mr. & mrs. minuche

Talk about elegant class; whoo!

I've been waiting for this day for awhile now. Ever since Jacqi and Chris signed their contract with me back in early 2018, I just knew this day would be drop dead gorgeous!

Jacqi and I kept in constant contact throughout the planning process and I was very in the know with how she wanted things done. It's not hard to make these two look good; I mean, look at them! It's like they stepped off of the pages of Vogue!

When the day had finally come, I was so excited to see how everything came together! Of course, it was nothing short of beautiful! Her dress (with that back beading!), the florals from Shamrock Gardens, the elegant black accents; it was just photo perfection!

Jacqi had arranged for all the formals to be done at Dominican University and OMG I have found my new favorite spot outside of the city! LORDY! It is stunning! The ivy, the stone and the arches. Perfection! We got lucky in that the ivy was starting to turn red with the season and I love the little pop of color it adds to this classic color scheme.

Chris and Jacqi sure know how to throw one epic party! Their reception was poppin' and the decor complimented the entire rest of the day. It was just the best day ever for these two and I'm so excited to share this blog post with them! 



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