mr. & mrs. templin

I've been so excited for Gina and Will's big day ever since I learned of their obsession with their pups and the involvement they would have in the wedding. If you know, you know! I'm an advocate for including your fur children in your wedding day and these two did that and so much more!

The whole day was held at the Haight, a favorite suburban venue in Elgin. It truly is a one-stop-shop with a ceremony space, photo spots and gorgeous dinner space. Gina and Will kept in the blue color scheme, which was amazing for formals with the Haight's epic deck! 

August and Arlo, the two's german shepherds, were not only present that day, but very involved! August stood up in the ceremony with the ladies while Arlo stood up with the men. After Gina and Will made it official, the four of them walked down the aisle for the first time all together! We made sure we got plenty of photos with the two pups before they headed off back home for dinner. 

At the reception, the details included August and Arlo in so many ways! The place settings included a gift koozie that donned the pups silhouettes on one side. The cake topper: August and Arlo! They even had a biscuit bar at the exit of the wedding for you to take treats to your dogs at home! My fur loving heart couldn't take it! 

Add to all of this canine love, there were tacos. A full Mexican Buffett for you to create as you please. The tables served tortilla chips and guac instead of dinner rolls. YASSSS!

These two threw one hell of a day, but we can't forget to mention just how perfect they are for each other. Honestly, I hadn't met them before I walked into their wedding day. Of course we had been chatting and keeping up, but in person, nope! We all hit it off right away and had the most amazing time! 

Congratulations Gina and Will! Enjoy Jamaica!! 


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