Inside a Wedding Photographer's Brain (as told in Legally Blonde gifs): Questions we want you to ask us

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There are TONS of articles telling you what questions you should ask a wedding photographer when you are on the hunt. A lot of those questions aren't always relevant. These questions below are the ones you should be asking, the ones we WANT you to ask!

1. Are you insured? This is super important! If your wedding photographer is claiming to be a professional, then they should have insurance. Business insurance is usually required by the venue, so if they don't have it, you might want to reconsider. 

2. Do you have backup if you get sick? If you're hiring a small business owner, it's likely that they are the one running every element of the business; meaning that they are the only photographer. It's super important that you ask about their back-up system. If they were to get sick, into an accident, break a leg, what have you. You want to be rest assured that there is someone who will come in their place. And! That that someone is of their caliber. 

3. What kind of experience can I expect? Many photographers have developed an experience for their couples. It's something that they are really proud of and they want you to know what you can expect from them if you hire them. They want to tell you about the experience. So ask! Chances are they will be very excited to tell you. 

4. Can we order prints or albums directly from you? ASK. THIS. QUESTION. While many photographers include a print release of digital images in your package, others have print minimums and offerings outside of digital images. Photographs are meant to be shared, so we jump for joy when our clients want to display them in print or other products that we can offer. Also, we'd much rather have your print business than Walgreens. (Don't go to Walgreens. Please)

5. How can we get our wedding published? Many wedding photographers know how to get a wedding published. We know all the blogs and magazines and we know exactly how to submit them. If your wedding photographer feels that the aesthetic of your wedding is a good match for one of these publications, chances are they will be asking you for permission to submit! 

6. How do you make sure we won't look awkward in our photos? We all have our different strategies when it comes to posing, but please trust that your photographer knows what they are doing. If you like their portfolio, then you like their strategy of posing. You may feel like a total weirdo doing some of the poses, but there is a reason we are having you do it. I can't tell you how many times my couples have given me a strange look after I've given instructions. I laugh and say "watch." They do it, I show them what I got and they're like "OH!"

7. What's your favorite part photographing weddings? We all have a different favorite part of the job But learning what your photographer loves will give you a sense of their personality when it comes to their work. Do they love shooting the most? Editing? Ask them!

8. How will you work with my videographer? This question actually gets asked a lot. Videographers and photographers are working towards the same goal. We want to capture the moments. A lot of times, we're fighting for the same spot of the dance floor or the same position in the church aisle. If your photographer is good and your videographer is good, then this doesn't ever become an issue. But gauging how your photographer reacts to this question is the important part!

9. How much experience do you have photographing weddings? Experience is important. Will you be their first ever wedding? Have they done the background work (second shooting) to feel confident enough to handle your wedding on their own? You want to make sure you hire someone that you trust can handle every element of the day. Someone that can handle whatever lighting situation you throw at them. Make sure you ask!

10. Do you have a preferred vendor list? Many times, photographers are the second or third vendor to be hired. This means we get in on the day pretty early; before a lot of other vendors. Ask to see if they have a preferred vendor list. There could be plenty of vendors that they highly recommend and you wouldn't know it if they don't share that with you or you don't ask for it. 

When you head into a consult with a potential wedding photographer, have a list ready and prepared. Most often, they will answer a lot of your questions in their information that they give you, but you want to make sure you get all the information that you need! 


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