mr. & mrs. alqas

2020 officially started with a BANG!
I've been looking forward to this wedding for awhile for MANY reasons! Kate and I are industry friends as she is the manager of Diana's Bridal! We've done photoshoots together for the shop and I just knew that when it came to her own wedding, she would go all out!

Kate and I are essentially the same person. We both are dog moms, love Taylor Swift, can't get enough tacos and margs and have a very important Bene(ny) in our lives! YUP! Her now husband is BENE! So it was basically serendipitous that this all came together the way it did.

Because it was a January day, Kate knew that she didn't even want to add a layer of stress to her plate with worrying about the weather, so early on they decided to do all the formals at the Garfield Park Conservatory. From there, the ceremony and the reception both took place at Ruffled Feathers in Lemont. Bene and Kate put together such a kick-ass vendor team (listed below)! The day was beautiful and literally perfect with not a thing going wrong!

By the time it was reception time, Bene's Assyrian traditions took over the party and it was one big celebration! Assyrian weddings are SO MUCH FUN and even more fun to capture on my end!

I am so glad that these two were my kick-off to the 2020 wedding season! I couldn't have asked for a better couple to start my 7th season with! Enjoy you two!

Vendor Team:
Photography: Photography by Lauryn
Venue: Ruffled Feathers 
Planner: Swiching it Up Events
Floral: Stemming from Love
Beauty: Lueur Beauti
Dress: Dianas Bridal
DJ: Amp Professionals
Video: Yours Truly
Cake: Orland Park Bakery
Pianist: Anthony Bagnara


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