mr. and mrs. wiechert

I cried. ALOT. 
I went to high school with Jess, but we never became friends. Six years ago, our paths crossed when we had mutual friends. But nothing really came of it besides a Facebook friend request.

Flash forward to 2020. COVID is happening and people are struggling with their wedding plans. Many couples have opted to keep their original date for an intimate ceremony this summer with their closest family members. Jess and Eric chose this route, however, they still wanted photos of the day they ACTUALLY were married! Enter that FB friendship. 

Jess reached out to me as she knew I photographed weddings (I'm an over-poster of my work on FB) and I was overjoyed to be chosen to capture this! I never used to get many intimate ceremonies, but I am LOVING the small weddings this summer. It just feels that much more special and emotional because of what is currently happening in the world.

I was invited to photograph their backyard wedding with Eric's family and Jess' family. I was only there for two hours, but in those two hours, I could see the love these two share and the joy their family brings them and adds to their relationship. It was such a pleasure to capture these images for them!

Congratulations you two and I'm keeping everything crossed for your reception in November!


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